Where can I train?
We are equipped to train you anywhere. In your park, home, office, backyard or  parking. If it is convenient for you will try and accommodate you.LAZANTE-PERSONAL-TRAINER-questions

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, to offer a personalised service we require clients to book a training session in advance. Please call the team at LaZante for further information 514.887.9968

What are your Mobile Fitness operating hours?
We are open 6am till 9 pm Monday – Friday and 8am – 3pm Saturdays

I travel a lot can I reschedule or change my appointments?
Many of our clients travel regularly so we are use to having to reschedule appointments on a fortnightly, monthly or weekly basis. So long as we receive notice no less than the night before your session, we can reschedule the session without charge.

Will you give me a program to follow when I’m not with a trainer?
Of course, the idea of a program is that it is complete from start to finish. Your trainer will design a safe and progressive program for you to follow throughout your training with LaZante.

I don’t like to run can I still train outside?
There is a huge range of exercise available for you to do without running. This is quite common, although most people don’t enjoy running because it is hard and they do not have the necessary strength and fitness level to make it comfortable. Our trainers have all the equipment necessary for you to train in many different ways, keeping you focused and motivated.

Why have a LaZante personal trainer?

LaZante personal trainers work to a strict code of ethics and quality controls to ensure the bemobile personal training companyst possible experience for the client. LaZante trainers are constantly educated in communication and motivation strategies as well as current exercise techniques and programming.  LaZante trainers are goal orientated and set realistic targets with their clients, monitor their progress and results to ensure success. LaZante Personal trainers have the experience to ensure injury prevention and rehabilitation if necessary so clients can continue to exercise to the best of their abilities. Every one of your personal training sessions will be planned out and be designed inline with your programs end goal. LaZante trainers will maintain a professional but supportive relationship with our clients and work diligently to ensure the success of the program. LaZante trainers will not scream at you, communicate aggressively, or push activities on you if you are uncomfortable with them. Enjoyment is a prerequisite of LaZante trainers for their clients.

How many personal training sessions should I do?

‘The million dollar question’ This is entirely up to you, but keep this in mind, if you have struggled with sticking to a fitness program before then the more you can do initially the greater chance you have of success. We are flexible and can add or remove sessions during your program depending how you are going. Check out the programs page to see which applies to you, and then call us to talk it through.

Do I need equipment?
No and yes. We carry all the equipment necessary for your sessions but dependent on your goals and needs you might need some equipment of your own. We can advise on this more accurately once we know your exercise preferences.

Is group training available?
Yes, but its up to you to organize your own group of friends or work colleagues. To get the most from your sessions we recommend keeping your group size to no more than 4 participants and make sure everyone is as committed as you!